SayHero Program

SayHero contest in organised by SayGames, LTD" (SayGames), of the Republic of Cyprus.

In order to participate, you must submit your application containing your team info and game footage using the submission form at

SayGames will review your application and will provide access to SayHero Portal in order to conduct marketing tests of your game prototype. SayGames reserves a right not to provide access or start a marketing test if a game prototype does not meet our quality standards.

SayGames will pick 10 (ten) winners from participating teams which submitted their games by the end of business day on March 31st 2023. The winners will be chosen using the following criteria, including but not limited to: overall game quality including code optimisation and graphics quality, game prototype metrics such as CPI (cost per install) and user retention and gameplay. Please note that the winners will not be picked by game metrics only.

Each winning team will be awarded with a $20,000 recoupable contract signing bonus towards the completion and global launch of a game. In case SayGames will decide to publish the game globally, a winning team will be offered the following business terms for you to choose from: A) $180,000 recoupable game launch bonus and 30/70 percent revenue share in favour of SayGames, OR B) $80,000 recoupable game launch bonus and 40/60 percent revenue share in favour of SayGame, OR C) no recoupable game launch bonus and 50/50 percent revenue share in favour of SayGames.

For the avoidance of doubt, the above rules are provided for reference only and are approximate terms and conditions of the SayHero contest. These rules do not constitute a public offer or any other contract binding SayGames and you. Any rules can be amended in SayGames' own discretion in any time.

Specific terms of cooperation are provided in a separate SayGames Terms & Conditions Agreement, which will be available after granting access to the SayHero Portal (if any).

Get in before March 31st and participate
in $2,000,000 SayHero growth program

Get in before March 31st and participate in $2,000,000 SayHero growth program